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Thread: Orphan Jokes

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    (Warning, this thread may be offensive to some orphans, orphan discretion is advised)


    So me and my buddy were chillin a few weeks ago, my friend is brown, and he brought up a good point about politically incorrect humour. He tells me he has heard it all: white jokes, black jokes, BROWN jokes, retarded jokes, blind jokes, blond jokes, jewish jokes.... etc. But my friend was angry, he wants to know why Orphans always get left out of politically incorrect humour. Every one else is getting some, why do orphans get off?

    So we dedicated that night to getting fucked up and coming up with orphan jokes, here is the product of that night:

    Why don't orphans play baseball?
    - They have no clue where home is

    Why do orphans always go to church?
    - It's the only place where they can call someone "Father"

    How many orphans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    10 - 1 to screw in the light bulb and 9 to cry that they don't have any parents

    What's the difference between a dog pound and an orphanage?
    - People actually WANT the dogs.

    How do you make an orphans hands bleed?
    - Tell him to clap until his parents come home (not original, but still funny)


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