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Raving in a post COVID world: An Analysis

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  • Lone Dancer
    The first person who tries to emcee in my ear in a post COVID world is going to get jooked.

    I bought face shields that clip on to a baseball cap and I'll defo be wearing one if we ever get to jungle rave again. Masks will be too sweaty.

    I was already too old and too jaded for events that had thousands of people, so I'll be perfectly fine sticking to the smaller events indoors. I'd love to hit some outdoor events but I don't know of too many venues that have that.

    Venues must allow me to bring in my own hand sanitizer and not confiscate it at the door. I don't trust junglists enough to think they are washing their hands properly.

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  • DS-Juan
    That’s a really great question actually. I’m unlikely to put myself in a situation where I’m in close contact with a bunch of strangers for some time, certainly not before the predicted 2nd wave in the fall.

    even though events are much safer today than they were in 1999/2000.

    Do you remember having to squeeze past sweating shirtless Ginos? I do 😳

    even still, it’s going to be awhile for me personally

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  • Symbiant
    $150 is pretty pricey yeah?

    realistically it’s hard to say where this will all take us, considering that the extra curricular activities involved in raving crush the immune system. If everyone is responsible enough can work out in the long run. Think there needs to be more support from local talent rather than out sourcing over seas. My personal opinion. Masks will be pretty trippy and people will probably be creative about it! I think there is a need for it though.

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  • Talk Sick
    started a topic Raving in a post COVID world: An Analysis

    Raving in a post COVID world: An Analysis

    While some parts of the world prepare to gradually reopen their social spaces, the live experience economy in Toronto will require careful planning, if / when it does happen.

    As of yesterday, Italy has allowed bars and restaurants to reopen, with strict distancing rules and mask wearing protocols.
    By June, live music events of up to 200 people indoors and 1000 outdoors can return.

    Some Berlin clubs have reopened as afternoon beer gardens operating with a food license. There is a no dancing rule, with a strict 10 pm curfew.

    South Korea opened for one weekend and got decimated.

    Netherlands will allow concert halls and theaters to open with groups of 30 starting June 1st. Groups of 100 starting July 1st.

    So the questions are:

    Assuming we follow similar opening guidelines, once we are given the go ahead to congregate in substantial numbers, will you feel comfortable going out again?
    Would you wear a mask? Would you feel safer indoors with a small group, or outdoors with a larger group?
    If Andy C comes to town for an event capped at 100 capacity, will you pay $150 for a ticket?
    In your opinion, what are some guidelines we need to follow in order to reopen live experiences in Toronto?

    Happy Tuesday Yalllll