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    i’m moving back to canada in july


      I should make a First World Problems thread but who knows if anyone would also post innit.

      My bbq wouldn't light yesterday and I proceeded to throw a fit. It almost looked like I had to make it on the stove...

      I just ate 1/2 a blueberry pie in my frustration and anger and waited for my friend to come over and check the bbq situation. The nozzle that attaches the propane to the bbq was not on tight enough and the propane was leaking not getting to the ignition.

      What a relief my bbq is not a lemon after all.


        also a relief you didn't blow yourself up trying to light it.

        2020 is fucking brass and has so far been full of death and general shittiness
        my daughter is the shining light in all of this so there's that.


          pretty drunk on a monday ngl


            This Saturday we are doing a live stream in a big warehouse in the east end.

            Saturday July 11 - 7PM - LIVE


              So I live in a nice respectable building beside a river at the end of a cul de sac. It's nice living amongst decent individuals, however cannabis smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises.

              Cramping my style but it either abide by rules or get evicted and move to a shitty building full of lesser desirable neighbours.