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4Hero , Randall, DJ Storm Reinforced mixes

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    4Hero , Randall, DJ Storm Reinforced mixes

    4 Hero– All B 3
    TAPE-1.2 Tek 9– To The Motherland
    TAPE-1.3 Basic Rhythm– The Rhyme
    TAPE-1.4 Code 071– A London Sumtin'
    TAPE-1.5 Nebula II– Seance
    TAPE-1.6 4 Hero– Reaching
    TAPE-1.7 4 Hero– Marimba
    TAPE-1.8 Basic Rhythm– Mental Stress
    TAPE-1.9 Is This– Intense
    TAPE-1.10 Manix– Stupid Dope Mix
    TAPE-1.11 Sudden Def– Fall Like Rain
    TAPE-1.12 4 Hero– Time To Get Ill
    TAPE-1.13 Nick O D*– Ruff Dub
    TAPE-1.14 4 Hero– Memory Loss
    TAPE-1.15 Sudden Def– Let It Hit Em
    TAPE-1.16 4 Hero– Burning
    TAPE-1.17 4 Hero– Kirks Back
    TAPE-1.18 One II One– Thirty Two Pages
    TAPE-1.19 Manix– Feel Real Good
    TAPE-1.20 Manix– You Held My Hand​

    Rufige Kru– Kemistry
    TAPE-2.2 Tek 9– Slow Down (Nookie Remix)
    Remix – Nookie
    TAPE-2.3 Rufige Kru– Rolling Like Scottie
    TAPE-2.4 Wax Doctor– The Saint
    TAPE-2.5 4hero*– Angry People
    TAPE-2.6 DJ Randall*– The R
    TAPE-2.7 4hero*– The Shadow III
    TAPE-2.8 Manix– X Factor
    TAPE-2.9 Covert Operations (2)– Ice Cold
    TAPE-2.10 Peshay– Gangsta II (Remix)
    TAPE-2.11 Goldie– Manslaughter
    TAPE-2.12 4hero*– We Bring The Trophy
    TAPE-2.13 Manix– Turn Away Skull
    TAPE-2.14 Doc Scott– Street Knowledge
    TAPE-2.15 Tek 9– Real Love
    TAPE-2.16 Grooverider– Sinister
    TAPE-2.17 Manix– Turn Away Skull (Tek 9 Remix)
    Remix – Tek 9
    TAPE-2.18 Die*, Krust & Roni Size– Wings
    TAPE-2.19 Lemon D– Break It Up
    TAPE-2.20 4hero*– Better Place (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)
    Remix – Marcus Intalex & ST Files
    TAPE-2.21 Nasty Habits– Here Come The Drumz (Breakage Remix)
    Remix – Breakage
    TAPE-2.22 S.P.Y.– Revival
    TAPE-2.22 Manix– Hardcore Junglism (Total Science Remix)
    Remix – Total Science
    TAPE-2.23 D-Bridge– My Years​ _Set.mp3.html

    Code 071– A London Sumtin (Remix)
    TAPE-3.2 Younghead– Bad Bad Man
    TAPE-3.3 Nick O-D*– Jazzy Hardcore
    TAPE-3.4 Manix– Try To Love Me (Remix)
    TAPE-3.5 Rufige Cru*– Believe
    TAPE-3.6 Nebula II– Peace Maker
    TAPE-3.7 Underground Software– Different Ting
    TAPE-3.8 Nasty Habits– Here Come The Drumz
    TAPE-3.9 Delirium*– Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Remix)
    Remix – Tek 9
    TAPE-3.10 Nebula II– Eye Memory
    TAPE-3.11 Tek 9– Partz One And Two
    TAPE-3.12 Internal Affairs– Shinin' Down On Me
    TAPE-3.13 Doc Scott– N.H.S. (Reinforced Shout)
    TAPE-3.14 Primary Source– MIC Check
    TAPE-3.15 Doc Scott– Last Action Hero
    TAPE-3.16 Rufige Cru*– Jim Skreech
    TAPE-3.17 Nookie– Give A Little Love
    TAPE-3.18 Nasty Habits– Dark Angel
    TAPE-3.19 Underground Software– Music Maker Possie
    TAPE-3.20 Digital– Rockers
    TAPE-3.21 Lemon D– Searching​
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