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The Lee Garden Historical Preservation Society

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    The Lee Garden Historical Preservation Society

    ​Administered By Gremlinz, Jesta & Lush

    Contemporary Jungle flagbearer Tim Reaper inaugurates the Big Bad Shark off with an aesthetical statement of intent, harnessing echoes of Wax Doctor and Alex Reece from the cosmos and pinning the feeling down with fattened “Do The do” breaks, euphoric pads and a ten-tonne soundman b line ensuring that all the lasers are shot from the head into the sky.

    Flip for the transcendent tribalism of F.S.O.L paired with GLR synth atmosphere as Tim collaborates with Motor City beat smith Nvious to pay homage to Dreamscape tape Bukem on the shimmering amen lash of “Quincy”. Another entry certifying the tradition of cross pollination between London and Detroit continues to bear fruit.


    Informed by all the sub strains of UK Bass music and the Hardcore Continuum, Analias’s hazy sound blurs across the spectrum from slow chugging house grooves to RnB-tinged broken Garage, and on to clinical, yet tempered, Drum & Bass. His productions straddle both poles between melancholy and euphoria, with an underlying greying hue in the center where all the disparate colors of the underground meld into one. Preferring to let the music speak on his behalf, Analias’s already substantial discography is an accomplished body of work that deserves all of the attention and praise soon to come his way. LGHPS is very happy to help amplify this phenomenal artist to the world.

    1) Falling Falling Falling
    2) Cardio
    3) Pass Me By
    4) Again n Again

    Out Feb 3rd 2023