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The Sound Of: The North Quarter

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    The Sound Of: The North Quarter


    Zero T & Onj feat. MELONYX ‘Blow’ (Kilburn Park, 2023)
    Channell ‘Intrigue’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol 2., 2021)
    FD ‘Not That Bad’ (Better Days, 2019)
    Lenzman & Redeyes ‘Hold Tight Girl’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol 2., 2021)
    Tyrone ‘Misconceptions’ (Hurt Index, 2021)
    Submorphics ‘Infinite Void’ (Newport Magnetic, 2021)
    FD feat. Lenzman ‘Baby Blue’ (Alone With Everybody, 2017)
    Zero T & Steo ‘Keep Falling’ (Quarter to Quarter, 2020)
    Redeyes ‘Low Key’ (Selfportraits, 2020)
    Zero T & Onj ‘Killer Inside’ (Kilburn Park, 2023)
    Echo Brown feat. KinKai ‘Affirmations’ (Struggles, 2021)
    Submorphics ‘Botanical Life’ (Newport Magnetic, 2021)
    Satl ‘Just Words’ (Lucid Dreams, 2020)
    FD ‘Your Touch’ (Quarter to Quarter, 2020)
    LIN000 ‘LIN002’ (LIN001-004)
    Lenzman feat. DRS ‘Grateful’ (All For You, 2016)
    Redeyes ‘Fool Of Me’ (Broken Soul, 2018)
    Anile ‘Back On Days’ (Sheets of Empty Canvas, 2019)
    Satl feat. Frank H. Carter III ‘Karma’ (Gloom, 2022)
    Zero T & Onj feat. MANNY ‘Lifetime’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol. 3, 2022)
    FD ‘Deadly Styles’ (Better Days, 2019)
    Note ‘Affirmative Action’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol. 2, 2021)
    Tokyo Prose ‘Brilliant Corners’ (Anile Remix) (Unreleased)
    Satl ‘Danzig’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol. 2, 2021)
    FD ‘Here With Me’ (A Vision of Hope, 2021)
    ??? - ??? (Unreleased)
    Submorphics ‘Orchestra 313’ (Verona Highway, 2022)
    Anile ‘Nothing Makes Sense’ (Sheets of Empty Canvas, 2019)
    Myth ‘One Note Funk’ (Long Time Coming, 2020)
    Fox feat. DLR & Alix Perez ‘Walk Out’ (Squang Dangs in the Key of Vibes, 2021)
    Tyrone ‘Come Closer’ (Hurt Index, 2021)
    Satl ‘Drifted’ (Things We Can’t See, 2019)
    Satl ‘Coming Back’ (Things We Can’t See, 2019)
    Redeyes ‘Next To You’ (Unfinished Theory, 2019)
    Lenzman feat. Danny Sanchez ‘Gimmie A Sec’ (A Little While Longer, 2021)
    Children of Zeus feat. DRS ‘Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)’ (All For You, 2016)
    Redeyes ‘Carry Me Home’ (Selfportraits, 2020)
    Atlantic Connection feat. Steo ‘Night & Day’ (Quarter to Quarter, 2020)
    Akemi Fox ‘Fallin’ (Lenzman Remix)’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol. 1, 2020)
    Zero T & Onj feat. Steo ‘Darkness’ (Kilburn, 2022)
    Sam Binary ‘Surface Tension’ (NQ State of Mind, Vol1, 2020)
    Echo Brown ‘Kusanagi’ (Midnight Static, 2022)
    Tokyo Prose feat. Nether ‘Tremble’ (Wild Grace, 2018)
    Submorphics feat. Satl & VEDA BLACK ‘Let It Shine’ (Newport Magnetic, 2021)​